Conference Posters

Sushmita Agarwal Flaring activity from magnetic reconnection in BL Lac jets [view poster]
William Brandt The Nature of the X-ray Emission and Innermost Accretion Regions of Typical Radio-Loud Quasars [view poster]
Hannes Breytenbach On the discovery of quasi-periodic oscillations in the polars J1928-5001 and IGR J14536–5522 [view poster]
Diego Carvalho Analysis of the candidate polar CRTS J035758.7+102943 with multiple observational techniques [view poster]
Robin Corbet Gamma-ray Eclipses and Orbital Modulation Transitions in the Candidate Redback 4FGL J1702.7-5655 [view poster]
Louis Du Plessis Modelling the multi-wavelength non-thermal emission of AR Sco [view poster]
Elena Fedorova Jet Emission from Radio-Loud AGN: Radio vs. X-rays
Keigo Fukumura X-ray Diagnostics of MHD-driven Accretion Disk Winds in the Era of Microcalorimeters [view poster]
Evaristus Iyida Modelling the radio – γ-ray emission components of jetted AGNs
Arti Joshi Optical studies of two cataclysmic variables: RBS 0490 and SDSS J075939.79 +191417.3 [view poster]
Omar Kurtanidze Multiwavelength monitoring of blazars
Dimakatso Jeannett Maheso Spectral and temporal analysis of short gamma-ray bursts detected by the Fermi space telescope with known redshift
Fatemeh Zhara Majidi New accretors in the Lupus I cloud [view poster]
Thuto Praisegod Ndlovu A multiwavelength study of X-ray binary stars [view poster]
Marina Orio The surprising periodicities of the symbiotic star FN Sgr [view poster]
John Paice Introducing CorrSim – a correlated timing observation simulator [view poster]
Natalia Palivanas A multi-technique study of the polar cataclysmic variable candidate CRTSJ091936.6-055519 [view poster]
Rosa Poggiani The LIGO-Virgo O3 run: science results and multi-messenger investigations [view poster]
Joshua Reding An enigmatic class of isolated white dwarfs with magnetic emission [view poster]
Kyle Solomons Understanding the ionized outflows from black hole objects [view poster]
Sili Wang Transition luminosities of Galactic black hole transients based on Swift/XRT and NICER/XTI observations [view poster]
Simon de Wet Gamma-ray bursts with MeerLICHT [view poster]
Ayoze Álvarez Hernández Testing white dwarf X-ray masses in intermediate polars with dynamical studies